Mug Shots

The past few days have been insane. Thank God for my mom. She’s incredible.


Mom and me at my sister's play

Ant and I went to see my sister in a play last night, called A Charity Case. It was such fun to see her, and she did such a great job. Congrats, Alysia!

Since we got home so late, and had a ton of cleaning to do, we didn’t get to bed until 11:30. Trying to wake up at six was a no-go, so workout today will look something like this:

Workout of the Day:

Jessica’s At Home Cardio Blast

A yoga lesson(!!) with my friend Maya.

Tonight, we head to dinner with my Aunt Liz and her family. They’re the best – so funny, silly and wonderful to be with.


My wacky and fabulous family

Between running around doing car-related errands with my mom from 10:00am to now (it’s almost 3!) I’m pretty exhausted, and aching for a cup of tea. For me, tea is almost ceremonial, particularly when it comes to my mugs. (Hence the title…get it? ba-dump-bump.) I have a few mugs that are so special to me, and whenever I drink from them, I feel happier.

First is this one:


Ego Boosting Mug

This is from my first triathlon, when my parents flew out from New York to California to see me race. How cool is that?! They gave me this for Hannukah in 2007, and I’ve cherished it ever since. It’s travelled across the country with me, boosting my ego all the way, and I’m sure will travel many more places soon!


Need to hear this daily!

This is my other favorite mug. I got this right after I graduated college, and was having a quarter-life crisis. The story is too long to go into the details right now, but for some reason, I decided that i needed to change everything about my life, RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. I remember, I spent hours sitting in my car in an L.A. parking lot, sobbing to my mom, saying I needed to move back to New York, give up my whole California life, and start over. She gave me some of her stellar advice, and told me to go sit, get a cup of tea, and write in my journal. When I walked into the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I saw on the same shelf of mugs that have all the lovely quotes like, “A Journey of 1,000 Miles Begins with a Single Step” and “Be the Change you Wish to See in The World” the above mug. It felt like the universe sent me a giant hug with this quote, and I instantly bought it. A few months later, I did move to New York, and did change everything about my life over time, but it was done with far more grace than if I had plunged into it blindly.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite object that brings back memories? What’s the story behind it?

P.S. Lunch yesterday with my mom (it’s been a mom-filled two days!) looked like this. Just have to share. Jealous? ;-)


We split a gluten-free mushroom pizza from Pappardella. I LOVE that place.

Planned for the weekend:

  • Dinner with Aunt Liz and family
  • I’m teaching a free workshop at the JCC tomorrow!
  • Dinner with my Uncle Barry and family on Sunday
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